Remote sensing

Remote sensing

A large number of satellites, both commercial and non-commercial, orbit our planet, which record the Earth’s surface with different types of sensors, and thus collect large amounts of data in the form of satellite images.

Satellite imagery as a product of remote sensing today has become indispensable in various aspects of human activities – planning, business, management.

Multispectral and radar satellite images allow the identification of structures, properties and changes on the Earth’s surface with the highest precision. Agriculture, transport, water management, forestry, urbanism and environmental protection are areas where the application of remote sensing is of great importance.

One of our primary services is the production and distribution of information obtained using remote sensing methods.

Here we primarily collect, process and analize satellite images, as well as data collected through various sensors. We collect and process satellite images, various sensors, high resolution, commercial and non-commercial space programs (ESA, NASA, Planet, CSA ASC, SIIS, etc.).

Depending on your requirements, we will suggest the optimal type of images and levels of analysis. We have developed highly sophisticated algorithms for processing and analysis of all types of satellite images, based on which we can identify problems and suggest solutions.