Location analysis by geomarketing measures of potential locations according to actual measurement data. Geomarketing quickly provides you with all the important information about location for your business and tells you what you need to be consider.

The sum of all data and information collected by geomarketing analysis helps businesses align products and services with the lifestyle, habits and regimes of users, and answers the most common marketing questions such as:

Who are the potential buyers and where are they located?

What are the characteristics of populated areas?

What is the potential turnover and where is the greatest growth potential?

Where to position a new business unit, and how to expand the existing one?

What market share can be expected?

How to categorize customers according to, for example, total turnover and sales structure?

How to optimize the sales network, ie choose the best sales location?

How to organize the service network according to the specific needs of users in the target areas?

Where are the position of the competition?

Where, how and when to promote products?