Etfarm FIELD

Etfarm FIELD

Information system intended for farmers and agricultural advisors. It enables monitoring of crop development, vegetation and health status of crops, determination of optimal deadlines for fertilization and irrigation, determination of fertilizer quantity, nitrogen status, definition of management zones on the plot, etc.


Integrated processed satellite imagery

Vegetation index maps for the plot (NDVI, SAVI, PSRI, NDMI…)

Biophysical variables maps (LAI, FAPAR, FCOVER, chlorophyll content)

Agroclimatic and agrometeorological variables per plot (temperature, precipitation, humidity, evapotranspiration, etc.)

Archive overview of all statistical and graphic (maps) data

Filter by date, plot and index

Field book

Information on all plots in one place

Analytical tools for determining nitrogen status, required water quantities, management zoning, agrometeorological analyzes (sum of daily temperatures, GDU index, evapotranspiration, humidity index, crop coefficient, etc.)

Precision agriculture – localized treatment on plots

Financial calculator

Reporting tools

Printing folders

Scaling tools

GPS guidance

Export of analytical maps in formats adapted for transfer to devices integrated on agricultural machines

Meteorological forecast